Liz Frencham

A girl and a double bass.

A girl and a double bass.

House Concerts

I love playing small, intimate places acoustically without microphones and speakers and everything that sets apart a performer and a listener.

If you would like to host an event like this it's pretty simple: You get a group of your friends and family, pick a range of suitable dates that you can gather them in your home and then together we can work out which date will fit into my schedule best. The idea is that each guest contributes money - usually around $15. I do need a minimum amount of people at the concert to cover my costs (I play music full time!) but this varies due to the location and circumstances surrounding the gig. I come to your home with my bass and my songs (maybe even a musical friend!) and we'll have a lot of one-of-a-kind, intimate fun. It's always nice as a host to maybe make a bit of food for your friends, but you can also encourage them to bring a plate and some drinks to share.
The next bit I borrowed from my brilliant friend Sarah Humphreys who really understands the essence of a house concert "The main thing to remember is that this is a house concert for listening, not a house party. I will be playing unplugged and acoustic!... Whatever you'd like to do to make the night special is up to you, you could hang pretty lights, you could build a fire in your backyard, you could have me sit in your lounge room and set up cushions and couches for your guests or have a concert on your back deck. We can talk about all these details and mostly - it's up to you! But let me know what you'd like to do to make it special. I like special."

You won't be charged as host(s) of the event, you only need to find a bunch of willing listeners and the space for us all to hang out together in comfort. I'll bring along my albums to to sell also, and if you have any favourite songs, be sure to tell me and I'll make sure I play them on the night. But give me plenty of notice if it's one I haven't played for a while.

Does that sound good? Can I come to your house and play for you?


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