Liz Frencham

A girl and a double bass.

A girl and a double bass.

The Joy of Spring

Had a really beautiful time touring NSW & the ACT with the talented and hilarious Damien Neil.

The shows were full of lovely audiences who sang along and received all the new songs warmly.  I had the company of other talented musicians on selected shows. Cello from Gemma Clare and and violin from Pandora Holliday, piano from Nick Southcott and percussion from Tim Bradley. The various special guests were also marvellous! Paul Greene, O'Neill & Rodgers, Genni & Jon Wilby and the lovely Ryan Morrison all played like champions. I also enjoyed the privilege of performing a couple of times with Paul, playing the duet that we are set to record next month. Lastly, to kick off the tour supporting the awesome Mic Conway was a joy! 

To all involved: Thank you. I will be putting some song videos and photos from the tour on the site in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled. 

I did, however, suffer throughout with what Damien eventually dubbed "Frencham Disease" which was an interesting cocktail of some flu-like virus, bronchitis and a touch of laryngitis to make the whole singing concept a little touch and go at times. It also ruled out all four live duets scheduled to be recorded this month with Sarah Humpreys, Paul Greene, Ruth Hazelton and Sarah Calderwood. :(

Damien Neil and I deep in concentration at the Merry Muse  Photo by Brian Rosenberg

Damien Neil and I deep in concentration at the Merry Muse

Photo by Brian Rosenberg

Unfortunately the slowness of my recovery has led to me cancelling the more Northern leg scheduled for next weekend in Brisbane and the Northern Rivers. But if I take to the couch and eat my veggies religiously for the next couple of weeks I should be able to vist both these areas and more as part of Fred Smith's Nov/Dec tour on his return from Afghanistan.

Anyone who missed Australian Story's inspiring documentary on Fred's diplomatic work, it is on ABC iview at the moment.

That'll do for updates, time for me to sniffle back to the couch....